Designed & Handmade Proudly in India since 2009

Tortoise is a leather brand that was founded in Mumbai in 2009 with a passion & sole objective of creating unique and high-quality leather goods. The brand quickly gained a following for its distinctive designs, which blended classic and contemporary elements to create products that were both timeless and fashion-forward.



Founders Love for Leather drives the designs & the intricate details

The founders of Tortoise had a deep respect for the art and tradition of leather working and they were committed to using only the finest materials and techniques in their products & they employed skilled artisans to craft each piece by hand. They also sought to create products that were durable and practical, as well as beautiful, so that their customers could enjoy them for years to come.



Minimalist Design Philosophy

One of the brand's early successes was its line of leather bags, which featured clean lines, simple shapes, and thoughtful details like sturdy hardware and well-placed pockets. These bags were popular with both men and women, and they quickly became a signature item for the brand.



Widest Range of Durable, Practical & Design Forward Leather Fashion

As Tortoise grew, it expanded its offerings to include other leather goods, such as wallets and small accessories. Each new product was designed with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality as the brand's original bags, and each reflected Tortoise's unique aesthetic.


Despite its success, Tortoise remains committed to its original vision of creating beautiful, durable, and practical leather goods that are made with care and attention to detail.